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Política Lisérgica

Can you write something about everybody coming together?
-To John Lennon, concerning his writing a song for Leary's California gubernatorial campaign. The result was the Beatles song Come Together.

O sea: Come together es la versión Beatle de un jingle político. Me gustan los casos en los que la política se baña de un sentido hippie o lisérgico, cosa que resulta absurda y parece impracticable, pero -creo- también tiene mucho futuro.

A veces, por ejemplo, me dan ganas de ser candidato a algo, con la condición de no ganar, sólo para decir cosas desde la postura del candidato.

John Lennon began work on the counterculture anthem "Come Together" as a campaign theme for Timothy Leary. Leary intended to run for governor of California with the slogan "Come Together. Join the Party" but his candidacy was cut short when he was arrested for possession of marijuana. John reclaimed the song for himself and wrote an inventive, instantly recognizable track. Interesting, then, that "Come Together" was the subject of a copyright infringement suit. John took the opening line of the song ("Here come old flattop/he come groovin' up slowly") from Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me" ("Here come old flattop/He come groovin' up with me"). John ended up settling out of court in this case, agreeing to record three songs owned by Big 7, which held the rights to "You Can't Catch Me". Since John had been planning to record an album of some of his favorite old rock & roll tunes, this worked out well for everyone. Lennon released Rock 'n' Roll in 1975, which included two Chuck Berry tunes and Lee Dorsey's "Ya Ya".

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