jueves, agosto 19, 2010

John McLaughlin & Billy Cobham Montreux 2010

Mail de Pino Marrone, con este párrafo:

"...I got a phone call from Claude asking if I could be jamming that evening with Billy Cobham... The opening act...couldn’t make their flight from Canada, and Claude needed a ‘replacement’. I hadn’t seen Billy for 25 years and immediately liked the idea. Claude called Billy, who lives in Bern and he also was happy to play. I didn’t have my guitar, and there was no rehearsal, it was a very spontaneous jam and we had lots of fun!"

2 comentarios:

delivery post-crucifixión dijo...

Me recuerda mi época adolescente cuando me copaba con la Machavishnu Orchestra.

Linda época en donde descubría nuevas dimensiones.


El Pahja dijo...

muy buena musica, nunk la habia escuchado

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