martes, abril 14, 2009

Center Stage for the 21st Century - Power Plays in the Indian Ocean

Imprescindible leer este artículo genial. El mundo hoy, y mañana.

For better or worse, phrases such "the Cold War" and "the clash of civilizations" matter. In a similar way, so do maps. The right map can stimulate foresight by providing a spatial view of critical trends in world politics. Understanding the map of Europe was essential to understanding the twentieth century. Although recent technological advances and economic integration have encouraged global thinking, some places continue to count more than others. And in some of those, such as Iraq and Pakistan, two countries with inherently artificial contours, politics is still at the mercy of geography.

Link: Artículo completo en Foreign Affairs

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Pato dijo...

No estoy suscripta. Vos si? Si es así, pasarías el artículo completo que me quedé en la mitad? Gracias!

Anónimo dijo...

Me mataste! La empece a leer y despues me doy cuenta que tengo que pagar. Si no queres postearla aunque sea conta como termina.


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